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Case Study Increases Outbound Pipeline Generation from 5% to 70% in Two Years Using LeadIQ

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LeadIQ has become a name associated with prospecting at We talk about it in the same way we do Zoom or Slack in terms of importance.
Stanton Quan
Global Head of Sales Development,
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Implemented a global prospecting platform to identify contact data
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Increased average deal MRR by 40%
Shifted from 5% outbound pipeline generation to 70% in two years

About offers a social media marketing tool that simplifies every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity. The company’s platform automates creative production and ad buying at scale all under one roof, helping power beautifully effective ads. Its 650+ global customer base includes such names as eBay, Uber, and TechStyle. 

Company size: 500-600 Employees
Primary buyers:
VP of Marketing, Head of Demand Generation, Head of Digital, Head of Paid Social
Prospecting tech stack: Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LeadIQ, Loom, Alyce, Crunchbase, 6Sense, Gong

A Technology Upgrade for a Growing Sales Department had built its business on the back of its inbound leads. Historically, Sales Development Reps (SDRs) received all inbound leads. But when Stanton Quan was brought onto the team as Global Head of Sales Development in 2020, he saw an opportunity for SDRs to make an even more significant impact. 

Quan recognized that outbound leads only accounted for 5% of pipeline generation, and that the global team lacked a standard prospecting process. SDRs needed to upgrade their prospecting approach in order to have their efforts make more of an impact. ”We needed to go from very reactive to proactive. It was a complete change in mindset,” explained Quan.

Making that leap required more than just a mindset shift–it meant an upgrade in the team’s tech stack. Before Quan joined, the team relied on an internal solution to identify contact data. This tool often resulted in missing or inaccurate information, and it was slow: it took as long as five minutes to get one person into Salesforce.


The Challenge

Prospecting team held back by a lack of a global process for outbound prospecting and an inaccurate and time-consuming internal data system. 


The Solution

Integrate LeadIQ for its superior global data coverage and ability to connect to current systems.


The Results

Shifted from a reactive to a proactive sales approach, resulting in more pipeline and larger deals. 

LeadIQ Delivers Accurate Contact Data and More Efficient Workflow

After evaluating several vendors, picked LeadIQ as their global prospecting platform. As Quan put it, “We were confident in our ability to get contact data at a global level [with LeadIQ] in a way that we really struggled with those other providers.” SDRs can now identify accurate contact data and sync it to Salesforce with one click of a button–not a five-minute process. 

One of LeadIQ’s most appealing features was the tool’s ability to integrate with preexisting infrastructures such as Salesforce, Outreach, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. “LeadIQ is the glue that connects some of our systems we use to ensure data hygiene,” said Quan. “It was the missing piece of our puzzle to connect all our systems.”  

With the right tech stack in place, Quan went on to build a unified process that each SDR team could follow, no matter their region. 

Increasing Outbound Pipeline Generation from 5% to 70% in Two Years

By integrating LeadIQ, has transformed how the company generates pipeline and serves its 650+ brands worldwide. Not only is the global SDR team now generating 70% of its pipeline through outbound prospecting, but average deal sizes have increased by 40 percent. 

Now that SDRs are identifying contact data faster, they can refocus their free time on high-value sales activities that result in more replies. “The time savings is huge. We can perform a lot more activities now, like personalizing and getting the amount of touches we need to hit our number,” said Quan. “Our outbound engine doesn’t exist without LeadIQ.” and LeadIQ have formed a tight partnership, with Quan providing direct feedback to LeadIQ product managers to help guide the future roadmap. Most recently, the team has begun using LeadIQ’s newest capabilities, enabling them to track sales triggers for their target accounts and compose tailored sales emails for prospects in seconds.  

These two new capabilities are really interesting. They are things that I had brought up as pain points for us. It’s really cool to see them come together this fast.Stanton Quan, Global Head of Sales Development

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