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LeadIQ’s global data coverage and prospecting platform lets organizations create pipeline, enrich CRMs, and automate prospecting.

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Top sales teams have adopted the LeadIQ way

Top-performing B2B enterprise sales teams rely on LeadIQ to:

Find contact data easily

Access a smart, tailored database of millions of verified contacts and accounts

Enrich data accurately 

Automatically keep your CRM up to date with demographic, firmographic and technographic enrichment

Build pipeline efficiently

Use LeadIQ’s one-click workflow and AI email assistant to book meetings and generate pipeline easily

A smarter B2B database focused on quality and accuracy of data

With over a million verified records, thousands of customers rely on LeadIQ’s exceptional data accuracy and on-demand data acquisition approach to keeping data fresh for their sales prospecting and CRM enrichment.

  • Breadth of data

    Over 600 million contacts across US, EMEA, and APAC, including verified email addresses, mobile numbers, and technographic data.

  • Smart database

    Our agile data management processes allows us to update our data more frequently and fill data gaps faster than other data vendors.

  • Data of your ICP

    Data based on your ICP: for enterprise customers, we build a custom database with verified contact and account data based on your ICP.

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A simpler but effective way to prospect

A prospecting platform built for outbound sales and sales development teams combining the best in B2B data, sales triggers, and AI-supported email assistance, all deeply integrated into your sales tech stack.

  • Job changes

    Account and contact tracking alerts sellers when a key contact has joined, left, or been promoted for warmer outreach.

  • Email personalization

    Scribe, our AI-driven email assistance tool, empowers sales teams to write highly personalized outbound emails.

  • Robust integrations

    Seamlessly sync data to your systems of records (Salesforce, Outreach, Gong, Salesloft), ensuring data hygiene and compliance.

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CRM Enrichment

Keep CRM records accurate over time with the best B2B contact and account data. LeadIQ can enrich and keep your contact and account information fresh for your marketing, sales, and RevOps team needs.

  • One-click update

    Sellers can update existing records as they prospect with a single click. 

  • Salesforce enrichment

    Use our Salesforce enrichment app to enrich new and existing CRM records automatically with 40+ firmographic, technographic, and contact data points. 

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Seamless and low-maintenance integrations with your GTM stack

Robust and flexible integrations ensure that LeadIQ can check every box for your IT and security team. LeadIQ provides the glue to connect your dispersed sales tech stack, for a more efficient prospecting process.

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Support & Services

Get enterprise-grade onboarding and support

Our enterprise customers receive custom onboarding and support from a team of prospecting, data, and integration experts. We get you set up in days and guarantee quick success through our proven customer success framework. Our enterprise data services deliver validated contacts and accounts tailored to your ideal customer profile in week

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“The LeadIQ flow for list building has made my life super easy. It’s a huge time saver and allows me to hit the phones much faster. Also have been a big fan of their new Scribe feature to use as a boost of inspiration when I have writers block crafting my emails.”

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Anthony Banayote
Inside Sales Rep
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“With Gong and LeadIQ our reps are saving time and driving revenue with fewer clicks to drop leads into sequences.”

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Bryan Juliano
Sr. Operation Analyst
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“LeadIQ’s LinkedIn integration makes it easy to find contact information quickly without switching back and forth between tabs.”

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Alicia B.
Marketing Manager

Get your Sales, RevOps and Marketing teams the best data and prospecting platform to build pipeline now!

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