Connect with more ideal buyers through a smarter B2B contact database

We source based on searches — so you get contact data for buyers that match your strategy.

What it means to build a “smarter” B2B contact database

We take a “trust but verify” approach to data

Multiple layers of data verification keeps data accurate and up-to-date.

We prioritize data based on customer searches

We combine feedback from customers on their ideal customer profile (ICP), in addition to aggregated customer activity, to identify high-demand ICPs and personas to fill data gaps.

We emphasize data insights for action

Automation and integrations surface relevant insights from your CRM, track job changes for accounts or champions, and provide the context reps need to send the right message at the right time.

We have a Global Data
Operations team

A dedicated team focused on researching new public data sources and vendors to enrich and verify our database. company logo full color

We were confident in our ability to get contact data at a global level [with LeadIQ] in a way that we really struggled with those other providers.

Stanton Quan
Global Director Business Development,
data sources

So where does LeadIQ get its data?

We collect data from public and private sources, including social media sites, search engines, job boards and more.

Data partnerships

We work with various providers, who all go through a vetting process to ensure they collect data compliantly, maintain a high level of data quality, and provide us with unique information.

Public domain

From corporate registries, websites, directories, and more, LeadIQ is monitoring publicly available information to check and verify our database.

Data community

This community-sourced data comes from LeadIQ users who opt-in to help us validate and expand our database using their email signatures and contact books. LeadIQ users also help us keep our database clean by flagging inaccurate emails or mobiles via our Data Police.

Proprietary algorithm

Some emails may also be derived from LeadIQ’s proprietary data inference algorithm that queries mail servers for common corporate email formats and assigns a confidence level based on the response.

data sources

How do we keep it accurate?

At LeadIQ we take a “trust but verify” approach to our data. To achieve this, we have multiple levels of verification to ensure accuracy and prioritize re-verification based on customer search volume.

Data partner evaluation

During our evaluation process of new data providers, we ensure that they have a verification process in place and we do our own quality testing.

Real-time verification

Every new search with the LeadIQ extension kicks off a fresh verification check, helping us identify when someone has changed jobs or is no longer at a company, which helps us stay on track with ongoing changes.

Proprietary deliverability algorithm

Our homegrown system checks the deliverability of emails, and provides a confidence level for every, single, one.

Feedback loops

Built-in processes that help us continuously keep data up-to-date, such as: LeadIQ users can flag and edit incorrect emails and phones, which are then manually verified and checked, We track email deliverability from Outreach and Salesloft, Data subjects can correct and update their information via our Privacy Center

Security, privacy, and compliance

We work diligently to ensure our data and our activity comply with all applicable data privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and all other US privacy laws as they become enforceable. All data partners are reviewed to ensure they are following local privacy laws. We’ve also added features in-app such as Do-Not-Call lists and the ability to suppress certain field types, like mobile numbers, for prospects in specific countries.

For more information about our privacy practices you can visit our Privacy Policy and our Privacy Center.