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Clari Calls LeadIQ the Clear Choice for Prospecting

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“LeadIQ saves our sales team more than 600 hours a quarter.”

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Kyle Coleman
Chief Marketing Officer, Clari

Revenue is easy to calculate but difficult to predict, and working out the impact of marketing, sales, or customer success activities on revenue is even harder. Clari is a connected revenue operations platform that provides end-to-end sales analytics and forecasting services to B2B SaaS companies. Its broad suite of products includes sales forecasting, pipeline inspection, revenue intelligence, account engagement, sales analytics, and CRM automation.

Established in 2013, Clari has nearly 300 employees globally and offices in Sunnyvale, California and Bengaluru, India. The company has raised $135 million in venture capital funding, been recognized as a Bay Area Top Place to Work six years in a row, and regularly is recognized by G2 as a momentum leader, best in usability, and best in results. Today, Clari has more than 100,000 active users across 170 countries, making it a truly global company.



Clari’s 11 sales development representatives have to reach 6-10 decision-makers at each commercial and enterprise account.



Using data that was often outdated and unverified, SDRs were prospecting against dead lead lists and failing to reach anyone.



LeadIQ helped the Clari SDR team save 600 hours per quarter and achieve a 70% better fit between its solution and target companies.

A smarter way to prospect

Requiring a critical mass of users and data, Clari has a well-defined ideal customer profile (ICP) including both commercial and enterprise accounts. For the 11 sales development representatives and 27 account executives, this means they need to reach a target of 6-10 decision-makers in each account. When Kyle Coleman, who runs Clari’s lead growth and enablement team, joined the company in April 2019, he immediately saw the inefficiency of the current SDR prospecting process and tech stack.

Having learned about LeadIQ at a conference only a month before joining Clari, Kyle included the sales prospecting tool in a run-off against its competitors. Assessed with a ranked scorecard across the entire SDR team, Clari scored and ranked LeadIQ and the other company across three main metrics, including data accuracy, integrations, and productivity improvements. Ultimately, it chose LeadIQ, with an average score of eight out of 10 in the rigorous assessment.

“When I joined Clari, our outbound process was pretty manual,” says Kyle Coleman, VP, Revenue Growth & Enablement at Clari. “SDRs had to create the accounts and contacts from scratch, using ZoomInfo data that was incomplete, in a laborious, time-consuming process. Aside from productivity issues, the biggest problem was that many SDRs simply wouldn’t complete the card and would often rely on what already existed in Salesforce. When it came to prospecting, they were reaching out to old leads, using lead lists that had already expired. I had recently been introduced to LeadIQ and felt it could be the exact solution we needed for the problems I was seeing.”

Easy onboarding, instant results

In May 2019, Clari introduced LeadIQ to the SDR team, and because of how intuitive the tool is to use, was fully onboarded within one week of deployment. The company was able to create new accounts automatically with LeadIQ, and add new contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator into Salesforce and Outreach almost instantly. Data enrichment, a process that used to take 20 minutes per prospect, now takes less than 5. With each SDR prospecting as many as 20 accounts per week, this represented a 5-hour time saving per SDR each week, or more than 50 hours for the team.

These time savings allow the SDRs to put more effort into personalizing outreach efforts, which results in far higher response rates. More importantly, LeadIQ helps SDRs build out a broader list of decision-makers at target accounts, which means they can get more prospects into sales sequences and develop a more accurate point of view of the account they are targeting. Whereas, before LeadIQ, Clari estimated a 50 percent fit to their ideal customer profile, now it estimates an 85 percent alignment, which results in more sales converting.

“Our SDRs were onboard pretty much immediately because they saw productivity gains that were readily apparent,” says Kyle. “LeadIQ is the main tool for finding and verifying prospect contact information as the process is so accurate and streamlined. Collectively, we estimate LeadIQ saves our SDR team more than 600 hours a quarter, but what we are really happy about is the significantly better fit between our solution and the companies we now target, which has improved by 70 percent since deployment.”

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