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LeadIQ Helps WalkMe’s Enterprise Outbound Team Save 1,000 Hours a Quarter

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“Without LeadIQ, our outbound team’s workflow would be disjointed and time consuming.”
Aaron Zukoski
Director of Business Development, WalkMe
More discovery calls per rep
Hours saved per quarter

WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform is a code-free software platform that enables organizations to measure, drive, and act to ultimately maximize the impact of their digital transformation and accelerate the return on their software investment. Sales reps need the necessary tools to do what they do best and more companies are recognizing that with the right technology and strategy, a digital adoption solution is key to actualizing the full potential of software investments and employee capabilities.

To ensure organizations worldwide realize the value of their sales tech stack to drive business goals, WalkMe accelerates rep onboarding and training, advances employee competency, and improves data integrity across the sales lifecycle.

Today, WalkMe’s platform is used by thousands of enterprise customers and SMBs from various industries and verticals, including more than 30 percent of Fortune 500 companies. In less than a decade, the company has grown to over 800 employees and won more than 30 awards for its innovative technology, stellar growth and popularity as an employer, all on its way to becoming a Unicorn.



Tasked with expanding outbound programs to go upmarket, WalkMe’s sales leaders were challenged to get more accounts into sequence than there were hours in the day.



WalkMe’s outbound prospecting team was spending too much time manually building out a full list of contacts at target accounts.



WalkMe’s team of BDRs saved 1,000 hours per quarter and increased
discovery calls by 19% in the months following deployment.

Going after the big accounts

In early 2019, WalkMe decided to develop an outbound sales unit focused on enterprise accounts of employees, and strategic accounts. The foundation of the sales team’s approach is account-based selling, which relies on extensive research, multi-threading into target accounts, and being aware of the sphere of influence around possible contacts and decisionmakers. By shadowing his BDR team, Director of Business Development, Aaron Zukoski, knew that the account-based approach was taking a lot of time, too much time. Each BDR was expected to prospect into 60 accounts a quarter, 20 of which being new accounts. To prospect into the accounts the BDRs needed to understand the entire buying committee, verify current employment and contact information, and then to start prospecting they had to sync over all of that information into Salesforce and into Outreach.

While planning a 2020 BDR expansion for strategic and enterprise accounts, WalkMe wanted to streamline the tools its BDRs use so they could prospect more efficiently and accurately while targeting larger organizations. In November2019, it selected LeadIQ, finding the sales prospecting tool not only the easiest to use but also through its integrations with their existing sales stack, the tool that provided the most time savings. LeadIQ’s Chrome extension, Prospector, provided a comprehensive solution that worked within WalkMe’s BDRs routine

In the cases that LeadIQ was unable to guarantee verified information, WalkMe’s BDRs would still be able to go back to their legacy data provider to find additional information for their accounts. “The business decided to make a big investment in outbounding into the larger accounts,” said Aaron. “I was to test it out with a team of six BDRs. We had a unique opportunity to be some of the first people going after these larger accounts and we started to have some really strong success, hitting about130 percent of our number in 2019. With LeadIQ, we found that everything from integrations, to the side panel, to the usability was just better, and people just kind of gravitated toward it. Not only would LeadIQ save time, it was easy to convince team members to use it.

LeadIQ streamlines the process

For WalkMe, scaling their outbound programs wasn’t about just the lead data and email sequences. It was also about prospecting as efficiently as possible. Before LeadIQ, Aaron found that it took his BDRs over two hours to completely build out a new account by manually pushing contacts into their CRM. With LeadIQ, it takes just 15 minutes, which saves the team 1,000 hours per quarter, which is the equivalent of a larger team of BDRs.

By being able to shave over 2 hours off of the time it takes to capture their target decision makers and influencers, WalkMe’s BDRs are able to focus instead on personalizing their messaging, which results in higher reply rates, more meetings, more deals, and ultimately deals that close faster.

“Going upstream, really understanding the accounts you have is one of the most critical things,” said Aaron. “The second is your buyer personas, and then you’ve got to find those people and kick up conversations with them. If you have the ability to find those people on LinkedIn, and you typically do, the problem is how do you get them into our CRM and how to find their email addresses and how to move quickly. And that’s where all the tools come in. With the old tools, BDRs would have to run our prospected contacts through extra validation tools. Cleaning up the data imported took 45 minutes to an hour every day. Really, now we just have two tools for prospecting, LeadIQ and our legacy data provider. So we’ve reduced our tech stack by two or three applications, which is great.

"With the old tools we had, we would have to run our prospects through so many validation tools. We’ve reduced our sales stack by two or three applications and I save 45 minutes to an hour every day."
Greg Sale
Account Development Manager, WalkMe

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