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LeadIQ helps Rockset correctly route 54% more of their inbound leads for faster speed to lead

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When companies grow in size, that’s a net new MQL that now gets routed without us having to do any work. So having accurate and up-to-date data in Salesforce is vital. We couldn’t do that before.
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Jake Lewis
Director of Sales Operations, Rockset
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90% match rate on personal emails from free trials
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54% more inbound leads routed within minutes of being created
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2x Faster speed to lead time for the sales team

About Rockset

Rockset is an example of a SaaS company that leverages Product-led Growth (PLG) as a demand generation tactic. They offer a real-time analytics platform built for the cloud that allows customers to build low-latency, high-concurrency applications in a fraction of the time it would typically take. 

Like many SaaS companies that rely on a PLG motion, Rockset allows new users to sign up with either a work or personal email. This reduces the barrier for entry for new users, but when personal emails are used it is up to the RevOps and Sales teams to figure out who that person is and where they work. 

Company size: 50-100 Employees
Primary buyers:
Head of Data, Director of Engineering, CTOs, CPOs
Prospecting tech stack: Hubspot Marketing, Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn Sales Navigator,, LeadIQ

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Frictionless PLG Signup Creates Incomplete CRM Data and Slow Seller Response Times

Product-led growth is a big part of Rockset’s business model. “We want to be frictionless as possible, so anyone can spin up a trial and have a conversation,” said Jake Lewis, Director of Sales Operations. 

But with 60% of these inbound leads being personal emails, it was difficult and time-consuming to know who was signing up for an account and whether they were a good account to focus sales on. This affected their sales teams' ability to respond to hot leads and cluttered Salesforce with unusable records.

“Salesforce is our system of record. Everything and anything we log on customers or prospects is in it, so it’s very important to keep it accurate,” said Jake. 

After struggling to find an enrichment solution that could meet their needs at a reasonable price, Jake looked at LeadIQ, which the Rockset Sales Development team was using as their prospecting solution.

After a thorough test of 1,000 leads for both business and personal email, Rockset saw a 90% match rate on personal email, making LeadIQ the clear choice at an affordable price.


The Challenge

PLG-sourced inbound leads with personal emails were unable to be routed to sales quickly.


The Solution

LeadIQ’s Salesforce enrichment app matches personal emails to accounts and enriches with key firmographic data instantly. 


The Results

More inbound leads can be routed to sales correctly, enabling sellers to start working hot leads faster.

Instant Salesforce Enrichment Enables Faster Sales Responses

Now new inbound leads, whether with a business or personal email, are being properly routed. Within two minutes, these leads are sent from Hubspot to Salesforce, matched to an account, and enriched with firmographic data such as location and company size, then sent back to Hubspot to be routed to the right seller. 

“It’s really helped our speed to lead, so our sales team can respond faster on inbound leads and stretch into accounts faster,” Jake added. The ability to pick up and have a conversation faster, because the enrichment and data quality is top notch, gives us a better opportunity to build and qualify pipeline.

In addition to instant enrichment, Jake has also set up monthly scheduled enrichment jobs to keep their Salesforce database updated, revealing old accounts that now fit their ICP. This not only helps the sales team but is also supporting the marketing team's campaigns and targeting efforts. 

“I got a request from the SVP of Marketing asking if we could enrich the existing Salesforce database from the last two years. It was really nice to be able to tell her yes we can,” said Jake.

Routing 54% more inbound leads and a cleaner Salesforce database

Through this improved enrichment process, the Rockset sales team receives more quality leads without requiring hours of manual research and data cleansing in Salesforce. 

“Providing data that accelerates the top of funnel engagement process  is extremely beneficial not just from a close/win rate but also moving things out of the pipeline that shouldn’t have ever been there,” said Jake. 

With a more accurate Salesforce database, Rockset can also get more strategic about its future targeting. Jake says, “From a territory analysis perspective, it’s allowing us to view hotbeds for companies and industries that we should potentially attach ourselves to.”

LeadIQ is helping Rockset hit its pipeline numbers today, but it’s the ongoing support and new product releases that has Jake most excited. “As someone who’s been sold to in this space for a really long time, it’s hard to find a provider who values you as more than a number the way LeadIQ does,” said Jake.

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