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Case Study

How LeadIQ Helped Optimizely Generate $2M in Pipeline
in One Year

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LeadIQ has been great. It streamlines our SDRs workflows, giving them more time in their day to focus on the pipeline generating tasks that really impact business results.
Lauren Heying
Senior Director, Global Sales Development, Optimizely
In pipeline generated in
one year
Data Accuracy
More accurate job titles, emails, and mobile numbers
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Improved Workflow
A less frustrating and more satisfying prospecting process for the SDR team


Optimizely is a Digital Experience Platform that empowers teams with the tools and insights they need to create and optimize in new ways. With Optimizely, customers can operate with data-driven confidence to create hyper-personalized experiences, making even the most complex scenarios simple. 

Prospecting Challenges Slowed Down
Fast-Growing Company

Optimizely is a fast-growing company that relies on its Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to help generate its growth. While marketing inbound leads has helped the company grow, outbound prospecting is the key to generating that top-of-funnel pipeline for Optimizely.

In order to build stability and really grow an organization, it really comes down to outbound prospecting.Matt Fruithandler, Senior SDR Manager

Optimizely was using ZoomInfo to prospect in its North America territory, but the team was running into two major challenges:

  1. Prospect information like job title and email were becoming harder to find
  2. Time-consuming administrative work that took time away from prospecting

Both of these issues were frustrating to deal with for SDRs and took away the focus from their primary goal: building pipeline.


The Challenge

Inaccurate information and multiple manual prospecting tasks lead to frustrations for the SDR team.  


The Solution

Leverage LeadIQ Prospector alongside LinkedIn Sales Navigator for a more streamlined prospecting process.


The Results

Improved data accuracy and more time to prospect led to $2M in pipeline generated in one year.  

Leverage LeadIQ to Verify Leads and Identify New Opportunities

Matt wanted his reps to start their prospecting in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, not a contact database, to ensure they are finding the right people. His team needed a tool that worked alongside it, to not only capture that important contact information but also get it to Salesforce and Outreach at the same time. That’s why he trusts LeadIQ. 

Time is money, [explains Matt] and any more time my team has to spend on admin work is less work we have to actually prospect.

LeadIQ helps Optimizely’s SDR team eliminate mundane data entry tasks, and focus on activities that are best for their career and pocket. “It’s really important to let SDRs focus on activities that make them money and help further their careers. Giving them accurate information and for easy sync makes life simpler for an SDR.”

LeadIQ has benefited leadership as well. For Matt, one of his favorite parts is how easily LeadIQ performs administrative tasks. He can add seats, credits, or re-allocate the credits they have in just a few clicks. 

$2M pipeline generated in one year using LeadIQ

While Matt’s team also uses ZoomInfo, LeadIQ has risen above as the preferred choice for his team thanks to its more accurate information and more efficient workflow. 

LeadIQ tends to be the first tool they [SDRs] go to.

Optimizely’s SDRs now get more time to prospect, and fewer frustrations, helping unlock new opportunities they would otherwise miss. 

In the last year, Optimizley’s North American SDR team has booked nearly $2M in pipeline sourced directly by LeadIQ, “with even more sourced indirectly I’d say” added Matt. 

Matt and the Optimizely team look forward to continuing to leverage LeadIQ to book more pipeline. His advice to anyone considering trying LeadIQ? “LeadIQ is definitely part of the top tier. If you are looking for efficiency and you can only pick one tool, I’d go with LeadIQ.”

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