Case Study

LeanData Increases leading pipeline indicators across the board with LeadIQ 

LeadIQ feels purpose-built for the sales rep, which is something you don’t see with so many of the sales intelligence tools on the market.
Rob Simmons
VP of Commercial Sales, LeanData
SDR team saves 15 hours per week
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1.2% more prospects actively worked
Increase in qualified first calls month-over-month in 2023

About LeanData

LeanData knows a thing or two about workflows when it comes to selling.

As a Revenue Orchestration platform - best known for lead-to-account matching and routing - they are in the space of moving data fast and efficiently for their customers.

So when things weren’t happening efficiently or effectively for their own sales team, especially when it comes to prospecting and building pipeline, Rob Simmons, VP of Commercial Sales, took notice.

Rob leads a team of 15 account executives and 15 sales development reps (SDR), so he thinks about everything that goes into hitting revenue targets. But as he tells it, “We have incredibly strong win rates when we get in real opportunities. So finding more pipeline is always top of mind for me.”

As someone who got his start as an SDR, Rob knows firsthand how difficult and draining prospecting can be. So when an issue arose after a switch to a new data provider, he was quick to act and find one his team actually loved. 

Founded - 2012
Company size: 100-250 employees
Primary buyers:
Operations (Revenue, Sales, Marketing), VP of Sales, VP of Marketing

Unfulfilled promises lead to unfilled pipeline for LeanData

Like a lot of companies, LeanData was a long-time customer of a leading B2B data provider. But after years of service, they felt they were no longer getting the support and attention they needed. So they began evaluating other data and prospecting providers. 

After doing demos and a quick evaluation of several providers, LeanData selected the one that seemed to have everything they needed. 

But after a few months, Rob realized there were a lot of promises that weren’t being fulfilled. Bugs, inadequate integrations, and missing contact data were constant blockers to his team. And he heard about it. 

“When you are considering a B2B contact data provider, they need to quickly and efficiently deliver contact data for our prospects. I was getting a lot of complaints that my team was not finding contact data and the process was inefficient. ” 

Rob estimates that each SDR was losing an hour a day, precious time that took away from top-of-funnel pipeline-building activities.  

As far as impact, “An extra hour a day is another 40 emails or 30 phone calls. That could be an extra opportunity each week per SDR,” explained Rob. 

Not only were sellers struggling with the tool, but the RevOps team was having trouble making the integration to Salesforce work correctly. This only added to the headaches for Rob and his team. This motivated Rob to re-open the evaluation, taking a more active stake in selecting a new provider. 


The Challenge

Unfulfilled promises on data quality and ease of use left LeanData’s commercial team struggling to build pipeline.


The Solution

LeadIQ’s prospecting platform provides a workflow that not only works, but makes the LeanData team happier and more motivated.


The Results

LeanData’s team has become more efficient and effective, increasing key pipeline leading indicators since implementation.

LeadIQ delivers a better workflow that LeanData sellers love

After some initial discovery and research, Rob narrowed the list down to LeadIQ, and two other potential providers. They selected a small pilot group to test out each platform and report back on their success criteria.

The pilot groups were looking to test a few major needs, including:

  • Ease of use
  • Prospecting efficiency with the platform
  • Completeness of the data, especially mobile numbers

After the pilot groups were finished testing, LeadIQ rose to the top as the preferred choice. 

“We put a lot of trust and faith in our sellers. We want to equip them for success. And LeadIQ was the unanimous favorite from our pilot groups,” said Rob. 

One thing that stood out was the overwhelming positive feedback from the sellers. “I figured we would hear that there were tiny, incremental improvements. I didn’t realize the platform could make them happier with their prospecting.” 

As a former SDR and SDR manager, Rob knows the importance of keeping his team happy and motivated. 

“Prospecting can be mundane with all the outreach and rejection day in and day out. So anything I can do to make our teams happier and more motivated is a big win.”

Increased pipeline leading indicators across the team

There is always apprehension about making a change, especially after previous false starts. But Rob’s team was able to get up and running, fast and easy.

As Rob puts it, “We felt very supported during implementation. It felt like a total breeze because the sales process was so thorough. LeadIQ’s implementation team was responsive, flexible, and willing to be a resource to our team as we ramped.”

With their new prospecting platform in place, the LeanData team is saving 15 hours each week through a streamlined prospecting process. 

Sellers can find, capture, and sync contact data directly to Salesforce and their Outreach sequence with a single click, without ever leaving their tab. 

This has helped the LeanData team increase several of their pipeline leading indicators through the first six months of use, including:

  • 1.2% increase in prospects actively worked
  • 3% more emails being sent
  • Month-over-month increase in qualified first calls

All this was achieved with a smaller SDR team than the previous six months, as Rob’s team has seen several SDRs get promoted to manager roles or account executives. LeadIQ has made it possible to not only maintain, but improve prospecting activities with this smaller team.   

Rob and the entire LeanData team are excited to continue getting more value out of the LeadIQ platform. They are currently implementing Scribe, LeadIQ’s AI cold email writer, that generates tailored messages in seconds for any prospect. 

“This wasn’t something we went into the evaluation looking for. But after seeing it demoed, we are excited to test it out and potentially roll it out to the team later this year.” 

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