Case Study

Greenhouse Powers Its Global Sales Operations with LeadIQ

LeadIQ outperforms competitors in global pipeline generation evaluation.
Mariah Donelly
Director of Sales Development, Greenhouse
Unified Sales Intelligence
Achieved seamless integration and consistency across North America and EMEA operations with global LeadIQ expansion.
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Reduced Manual Work
Dramatically reduced time spent on manual tasks, enhancing productivity through streamlined workflows and seamless system integrations.
Clear Preference Among Sales Reps
Following a rigorous three-month trial, 90% of SDRs preferred LeadIQ, citing its rapid deployment and immediate impact on daily sales activities as key deciding factors.


Greenhouse, the market leader in hiring software, is dedicated to making every company great at hiring. With a strong emphasis on structured, equitable, and measurable hiring processes, Greenhouse is the backbone for companies looking to elevate and accelerate their end-to-end hiring process.

Company Facts: 

  • Founded: 2012
  • Company size: nearly 700 employees
  • Primary buyers: HR executives, Directors of Talent Acquisition

The Challenge

Greenhouse sought to consolidate its tech stack, which previously involved separate pipeline generation platforms for EMEA and NA to boost sales productivity and efficiency globally.


The Solution

Greenhouse conducted a thorough evaluation of LeadIQ against two major public data providers, choosing LeadIQ for its expansive contact data coverage and streamlined workflows that significantly reduced manual tasks.


The Results

LeadIQ was the preferred choice, endorsed by 90% of reps during the trial for its effectiveness in enhancing pipeline activities. Consequently, it was adopted as the sole global pipeline generation platform and sales data provider for Greenhouse, unifying operations and enhancing pipeline generation across all regions.

Streamlining Pipeline Generation
with LeadIQ

As an innovative B2B SaaS provider, Greenhouse has always been an early adopter of software solutions that enhance business productivity. With a global customer base and a sizable international sales team, Greenhouse relies on advanced tools like LeadIQ to streamline its sales operations and enhance its pipeline development.

Greenhouse first engaged with LeadIQ in 2020 to optimize its sales process in EMEA. Mariah Donnelly, Director of Sales Development, explained that Greenhouse had been looking for a tool to significantly reduce the manual tasks its EMEA sales team was facing regularly including manual data entry, contact research, and lead management. 

At that time, Greenhouse was using a data provider in the USA that offered minimal global coverage, prompting the sales leadership team to seek a more reliable vendor for their EMEA operations. This led to a comprehensive evaluation of potential solutions, including major public data vendors, culminating in the selection of LeadIQ. The platform was chosen for its superior international data coverage, streamlined workflows, seamless integrations, and user-friendly features.

We needed a solution that would boost team productivity and could provide comprehensive and high-quality data coverage in Europe. LeadIQ checked that box.
Mariah Donnelly, Director of Sales Development Greenhouse

Accelerating Workflows with One-Click-Capture

After implementing LeadIQ, Greenhouse saw immediate workflow improvements in its EMEA operations. The one-click-capture functionality integrated seamlessly with Salesforce and SalesLoft, greatly reducing manual tasks and allowing SDRs to focus on higher-level sales activities. This enhancement was so valued that one SDR expressed willingness to personally fund the tool if necessary, highlighting its essential role in their daily operations.

Everyone on the team loves LeadIQ’s one-click capture workflow. One rep was even willing to pay out of her own pocket to keep using it because it's crucial to her success.
Mariah Donnelly, Director of Sales Development Greenhouse

Streamlining Global Sales Operations with a Sole Data Provider

Greenhouse routinely reviews its tech stack to maintain a leading edge in technological innovation. In 2024, to accelerate its sales engine, Greenhouse sought to unify its sales tech stack internationally, an initiative that required them to select a single pipeline generation platform to implement globally.

This led Greenhouse to conduct a comprehensive evaluation comparing LeadIQ to two other competitive solutions on the market, including Greenhouse’s North American data provider. What ensued was an intensive three-month evaluation period during which a select group of SDRs rigorously tested these tools, focusing on ease of use, integration capabilities, and data quality and coverage.

After this thorough trial period, LeadIQ emerged as the clear winner, gaining majority preference from Greenhouse’s SDRs. Donnelly shared that of all the tested tools, LeadIQ distinguished itself with its extensive data coverage, one-click workflow, and outstanding support, making it the clear favorite.

Our decision to expand our partnership with LeadIQ was driven by our team's feedback, with 90% of reps advocating for LeadIQ as their preferred solution.
Mariah Donnelly, Director of Sales Development Greenhouse

A Commitment to Partnership

In addition to the SDRs' assessments, Greenhouse valued the level of support each vendor provided. LeadIQ stood out with its exceptional implementation and support, unique in its consultative and attentive approach that demonstrated a strong commitment to adaptability and long-term partnerships. 

LeadIQ’s Sales, Implementation, and Customer Success teams all offered tailored advice and best practice strategies, enhancing Greenhouse’s use of data. Additionally, Donnelly shared that her LeadIQ Customer Success Manager was consistently available and willing to answer questions and resolve issues within 24 hours.

Throughout our partnership with LeadIQ, they’ve always communicated in a timely manner and were willing to resolve issues quickly. This confirmed that LeadIQ was the right choice for us.
Mariah Donnelly, Director of Sales Development Greenhouse

Looking Forward

With LeadIQ implemented across all regions, Greenhouse has unified its prospecting process and pipeline generation, leading to streamlined operations. Greenhouse's continued partnership with LeadIQ exemplifies a successful alignment of technology with business needs, focusing on the impact of broad data coverage, efficiency, user satisfaction, and robust support. 

As Greenhouse looks to the future, it is clear that LeadIQ will remain a crucial component of its sales development strategy, continually adapting to meet its evolving needs.

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